Mount NFS Share Windows 7

how do you mount a NFS Share on windows 7? the only way without a 3rd party Utility is to use Windows Services for UNIX on windows Enterprise or Ultimate

(believe me i have tried windows Enterprise or Ultimate is the only way, i’m a UNIX/Linux person not windows so i tried to get it done for free)

go to the control panel and install services for NFS

 Mount NFS Share Windows 7

install both just to be sure, and then reboot Windows

from there open the magical command line, and issue this command:

mount ip-of-NFS-Server:/Share-Name W

basically enter in the nfs server information and the drive letter you want it to mount

 Mount NFS Share Windows 7

mounted successfully!

 Mount NFS Share Windows 7

Completed as verified by Windows 7 Ultimate x64

that’s it, now we can read/write to our Windows/Linux Servers Via NFS!


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