Install Webmin on CentOS 6.3

Install Webmin on CentOS 6.3

I make it a habit to install Webmin on any Linux Box i have, it makes it easier to administer in a pinch.

On a new CentOS 6.3 box, login as root

install Wget if you have not yet

(yum install wget)

from here we also need to install perl to allow webmin to work in a web environment, issue this command:

yum -y install perl

all done

now lets get to the goods, issue the following command:


this will download webmin from Sourceforge

do a “ls” command

issue the following command to install Webmin:

rpm -i webmin-1.590-1.noarch.rpm

this should take a minute or two to install

it should look like so when completed

now all you have to do is login in your web browser



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