Set Static IP Server 2012 Core

Set Static IP Server 2012 Core

log into server 2012

no problem, enter sconfig and hit enter

suddenly server core is easier!

hit option 8 for network settings (reminds you system-config-network a bit, love Unix!)

select your network adapter, in this case, it’s 10

from here option 1, net network adapter address

s for static

Enter your IP, mask, and gateway, hit enter

from here it sets + re-displays the configured network info, but wait…. DNS is not configured…. hit option 2 do do DNS

set your primary and secondary as necessary

alright, DNS is set, we just have to test our network connection

hit the “4” option to return to the main menu, and “15” to quit

ping, and if it works, everything is configured correctly

That’s it!

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