Setting up NTP CentOS 6

if you have not yet run a “yum update” go ahead an do so on your system. If you are having problems with a yum update, issue the command:

yum clean all

now to install ntp (network time protocol) the service that keeps the time on your system perfectly in sync with network/global time issue the following command:

yum search ntp

as you can see these are the packages available for NTP, we are going to install ntp.x86_64 to do so enter this command:

yum install ntp.x86_64

hit yes if prompted

then issue this command to start ntpd:

service ntpd start

to make sure that the service also starts on startup, issue this command:

chkconfig ntpd on

you will be returned to the # sign when completed

(optional step to tweak performance) to Edit the setting of ntp type the command:

vi /etc/ntp.conf

now we just need to do an initial sync of the NTP server by issuing the following command:

service ntpd restart


Every time the ntp server is restarted, it syncronizes.


There you have it! Linux Box setup with NTP to sync, and load on startup!


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