Send Email Script CentOS

Sending an email with CentOS cannot be easier here’s a script that seems to always work that i would like to share with the world.

basically it assumes that you have sendmail or postfix, or something of that nature installed on the physical server to send email out from itself.


login as any user and create a new script with the following command:

touch Email-Script

from there you have your email script, let’s go ahead and edit it by the next command:

vi Email-Script

hit the letter a to “append” to the document

Copy/Paste the following code into the script:

# Server Reboot Script Written By Andrew Zwieg 2011
#For Use with CentOS/Redhat Linux 5 or Higher
#email send script
# subject of email
# destination
# Email body
echo “Linux Server Is Being Rebooted” > $EMAILMESSAGE
echo “CRON Scheduled Task” >> $EMAILMESSAGE
# send message using /bin/mail
/bin/mail -s “$SUBJECT” “$EMAIL” < $EMAILMESSAGE


edit the bold fields as necessary

from there to save/quit run the following:

ctrl +c


now we have to make our script executable, so use the following command to make it executable:

chmod +x Email-Script

from there do a LS, and you should see that your script is green

from there all we have to do is test it by starting the script, go like this:



That’s IT! your email has been sent!

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