Redundant NIC Configuration (bond) CentOS

Redundant NIC Configuration (bond) CentOS

There are several situations where you would want to create what’s called a BOND in Linux to use two interfaces as one, such as redundancy, and load balancing.

let’s get started! for this example the Linux Box has 2 NICs, eth0, and eth1

login, and su to root

Let’s create the bond:

For an Active/passive scenario, use the following config:

High Availability:

  • mode=0 (Balance Round Robin)
  • mode=1 (Active backup)
  • mode=2 (Balance XOR)
  • mode=3 (Broadcast)
  • mode=4 (802.3ad)
  • mode=5 (Balance TLB)
  • mode=6 (Balance ALB)

now create/edit the bond interface in the Interface directory

here’s a basic example of the config:

now we have to edit eth0 and eth1

here’s eth0 config

now on to eth1

here’s the config:

as you can see, the BOND in the master interface

let’s check the status of our bond:

That’s it! You have successfully configured a BOND interface

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