Mounting an ISO on CentOS Linux

this tutorial shows how to mount an ISO image on a CentOS Linux System

the first thing you want to do is loin as the necessary user

from there what you want to do is create the directory where you want to mount the ISO, to do so, issue the following command:

mkdir /mnt/ISO

once your folder is created go to your home directory (or wherever the ISO image is stored at presently) and do a LS so you can get the exact name of the ISO image you want to mount.

for this example we are going to mount the CentOS-5.8-x86_64-bin-1of8 ISO image as shown above.

issue the following command to mount:

mount -t iso9660 -o loop /root/CentOS-5.8-x86_64-bin-1of8.iso /mnt/ISO

so as you can see we are mounting the CentOS 5.8 file that is stored in the root directory to the /mnt/ISO folder.

on a successful mount, you will be returned to the # or $ promt.

from here we are going to change to the folder where the ISO is mounted, so we will us the following command to do so.

cd /mnt/ISO

if you use the “LS” command you will see all the files on the ISO Image. (Blue are folders, white are files)

from there you can copy it to the necessary directory, or do what you need to do with it!


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