Mount Windows/CIFS Share on Linux Mint

Mount Windows/CIFS Share on Linux Mint

need to mount a windows share on Linux Mint?

open up a terminal, and su to root

type the following:

sudo apt-get install cifs-utils

it will ask if you want to use the disk space, go ahead and hit Y and enter to continue


from here we need to make the folder we are going to mount to

mkdir /mnt/WINDOWS

now we need to set the share to mount on startup, that way when we reboot it will come back

nano /etc/fstab

Enter the windows share as a line like this:

//serverIP/dir /mnt/dir cifs noserverino,ro,iocharset=utf8,password=,username= 0 0

Things to Edit:

ServerIP=IP address of CIFS/Windows Server

/dir = share Name

/mnt/DIR = WINDOWS folder we created Earlier

and make sure to fill out the Username/Password as the WINDOWS/CIFS username that would have access to that share

here’s out Example

now Save/Quit

all we have to do is mount the Share

mount -a

If there’s no errors the mount worked

let’s check it out, browse to /mnt/WINDOWS using the following Command:

cd /mnt/WINDOWS


same folder structure as what windows has

That’s it, now let’s make a shortcut on our desktop

ln -s /mnt/WINDOWS /home/mint/Desktop

as you can see our windows Share is now has a shortcut or “sym link” as it’s called in Linux on the Desktop


That’s It!

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