Mount NFS Share on CentOS 5

Mount NFS Share on CentOS 5


you have to install nfs-utils for this to work, so issue the following command:

yum install nfs-utils

from here we need to make a folder that will let us mount the Share, so use this command:

mkdir /mnt/NFS

start the portmap service, and set it to start on startup:

service portmap start

chkconfig portmap on

from here all we need to do is mount with the next command:

mount -t nfs ip-of-server:/NFS /mnt/NFS

as you can see this successfully mounted, to verify type the following:

df -h

as you can see, the remove volume shows up as a local disk, you have successfully mounted NFS Share! Let’s make it permanent, otherwise on the next reboot, it will disappear

now all we need to do is add the command to startup:

vi /etc/fstab

it should look like so:


from here there is one final command to run, to mount all filesystems


** Note this will re-mount all filesystems, do in off-hours ****

mount -a

Success! no errors!

to do a final check, do another df -h



to unmount the NFS Share type the following command:

umount /mnt/NFS


*** the command is UMOUNT not un-mount *** i have made this mistake 1000’s of times.

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