Mount NFS Share on CentOS 6

Mount NFS Share on CentOS 6


you have to install nfs-utils for this to work, so issue the following command:

yum install nfs-utils

from here we need to make a folder that will let us mount the Share, so use this command:

mkdir /mnt/NFS

start the portmap service, and set it to start on startup:

service portmap start

chkconfig portmap on

from here all we need to do is mount with the next command:

mount -t nfs ip-of-server:/NFS /mnt/NFS

as you can see this successfully mounted, to verify type the following:

df -h

as you can see, the remove volume shows up as a local disk, you have successfully mounted NFS Share!

now all we need to do is add the command to startup:

vi /etc/fstab

it should look like so:


from here there is one final command to run, to mount all filesystems


** Note this will re-mount all filesystems, do in off-hours ****

mount -a

Success! no errors!

to do a final check, do another df -h





to unmount the NFS Share type the following command:

umount /mnt/NFS


*** the command is UMOUNT not un-mount *** i have made this mistake 1000’s of times.


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