Join Oracle Linux 6 to Windows Domain

Join Oracle Linux 6 to Windows Domain

to get the most out of Oracle Linux, most organizations choose, or want to join Oracle Linux to their Windows Domain for Share/User ease

open up a shell prompt as root

install the necessary prerequisites

these too


now let’s do the magic part!


setup exactly as shown below

customize for your domain (if you select /sbin/nologin you will not be able to login ssh)

now enter your domain administrator password (only works with administrator account)

perfect! Joined the Domain successfully!

now we need to reboot (only when it involves windows does this happen in Linux)

you should notice a new computer object in AD Users & Computers

now we should be able to login with domain credentials:

notice that there is no home directories, that’s another article

how do i SU to a domain user? su user@DOMAIN

that’s it! You have successfully joined Oracle to an Active Directory Domain!

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