Installing Webmin On CentOS 6

Installing Webmin on CentOS 6.2 has changed to some degree like most other programs moving to CentOS 6, here is a quick walk-through to get you going:

if you have not already, install wget

yum install wget


Now we can download Webmin in preparation for installation. Use this command:


this will download webmin

once downloaded, use the ls command to see the packages

as you can see Webmin is the red RPM package

to install type:

rpm -i webmin-1.580-1.noarch.rpm

as you can see, we need the package perl to continue, so type:

yum install perl

hit yes if necessary

once done, re-issue the rpm install command:

rpm -i webmin-1.580-1.noarch.rpm

it will take a minute or two to install, and should look like this:

once finished you will see the following:

from here you can log in using http://ipaddress:10000

*note* in previous versions of Webmin/CentOS you had to login with SSL (https://) however now you cannot by default, you have to login un-encrypted.

from there you can login with your root username/password and go from there!


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