Install Telnet Server On Redhat/CentOS

Install Telnet Server On Redhat/CentOS

Telnet is an old standard that is inherently insecure, and provides plain text communications. For this reason, there is NO REASON TO USE TELNET WHEN SSH IS AVAILABLE. IT IS IRRESSPONSIBLE TO USE TELNET. HERE IS PROOF HOW EASY IT IS TO GET TELNET PASSWORDS


If you choose to proceed, here's the basic steps to configure telnet:

open a command prompt

type the following command to search for telnet:

yum search telnet-server

so as you can see, telnet server is available, to install type the following:

yum install telnet-server.x86_64

it will ask if you want to proceed, hit y

telnet has been successfully installed

to edit the config file type:

vi /etc/xinetd.d/telnet

make sure that "disable" is set to no

from there save + quit


to start the service issue the following command:

service xinetd start

set the service to start on startup

chkconfig telnet on

from there all we need to do is verify that it works:

open a windows command prompt and type:

telnet (ip of your telnet server)

from here you will be prompted for a username/password, your telnet server works!

That's It! You have configured a completely insecure server even after ignoring the taboo of telnet, and the above listed security warnings. Good luck, hope for the best, and plan for the worst.