Install OpenVAS on CentOS

Install OpenVAS on CentOS

OpenVAS or Open Vulnerability Assesment System is uses to assess system security for known vulnerabilities. This is a great alternative to Nessus, and some of the other commercial security scanners. Let's get started:

Login, and su to root

Download, and install the atomic repo

if you agree to the terms, hit yes

now install openvas

this will take a while…. once completed, run openvas-setup

this takes a while, it download the latest database

once completed, enter the Administrator password

once completed, you are able to login

go to your web browser, default username is admin

enter you password you entered during setup, and you should be able to login.

To start a scan, enter an IP in the start scan area

you should see in the top an immediate scan starting.

Once completed, you should be able to view your results, and make the necessary corrections.


That's it!

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