Install 389 Directory Server CentOS

Install 389 Directory Server CentOS

389 Directory server is a wonderful drop-in replacement for OpenLDAP, and is extremely easy to install and configure. A few really important features of 389 directory server is multi-master replication, a unified admin console, password policies, and the capability of sync with Active Directory. This makes 389 directory server a premium choice for Linux Administrators.

Login, and su to root

now enable the EPEL Repo

now install the REMI Repo

edit /etc/hosts to include your hostname/ipaddress

now edit the syscontrol configuration

add lines 44-47

now edit the security limits configuration

add lines 50 and 51 to the end of the configuration file

now edit /etc/profile

add line 79

create a local service account to run 389 as

set password

now install the 389 directory server packages

run the installer for 389

choose setup type 2

for the next step type "servername.domain.local" or whatever your scheme is,w e are going with 389.domain.local

set the system user as ldapadmin

fill out as follows

hit yes to setup the server

now make sure the necessary services start on startup

now in order to launch the admin console, we need to have X installed (or you can install on a remote server, but for now let's install on the master LDAP server)

one all 400 or so packages are done installing, reboot

once rebooted, verify that you can launch the 389 console via ssh X Session

you should be prompted with a login screen

enter your credentials as follows:

here's the console window