Find Hard Drive IOPS Centos

Find Hard Drive IOPS Centos

the first thing we need to do is install sysstat with the following command:

yum install sysstat

now all we have to do is issue the iostat command to get a good idea

as you can see, overall the disk idle is 73%, the User also gives a good idea as to percentage of I/O has been used, however should not be used as the determing factor

a few variables:

RAID Disks have faster I/O

Single Disks have Slower I/O

SATA/IDE/SAS have differnet I/O


The Best way to truly test your I/O is to observe the normal I/O and then copy a large file to the disk, and check again, or copy a file from one area of the disk to another should give an idea about max speed.


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