Create Windows Share Oracle Linux

Create Windows Share Oracle Linux

This article will help you create a Samba share on a Linux server that supports Windows Authentication

this post assumes that you have your Oracle Server already joined to you windows domain, if not, click here

first things first, create a Security group in Active Directory for this share to be able to manipulate

add the users you want to have access to the users group

now from here, let’s make the share on our Linux server

yum install samba

chkconfig smb on

service smb start

alright, now that we have samba installed and ready to go we need to create a folder

(777 is for UNIX side, you will still need AD permissions for anyone to read/write, the way we are setting this up)

now ALLWAYS, ALLWAYS, ALLWAYS!!!! Make a backup of your original smb.conf

now let’s go ahead and edit the samba configuration file

browse to the share definitions (at the very bottom)

now we’re going to create our new share

so basically the part in [ ] is the name of the share, the path is the directory the folder is in

valid users = +YOURDOMAINYOURADGROUPNAME   (Linux does not like spaces, keep it all one word)

if you don’t do writable=yes you will have access, but won’t have “permissions” to write


restart the samba service (have to do so every time a new share has been created)

now if you browse via UNC to the server, you should see a windows share

it’s important to note that security on these shares CANNOT be changed via windows, and must only be done via SMB.conf

from here we can go into our marketing share and create new folders (here’s where NTFS permissions are applied)

That’s it! Your Samba Share Works!

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