Configure TLS/SSL 389 Directory Server CentOS

Configure TLS/SSL 389 Directory Server CentOS

389 Directory server is an amazing MultiMaster LDAP solution. Out of the box 389 is not configured to use TLS/SSL, so we are going to walk through the setup process. Please note, that we are using this as a test, so we are using a self-signed certificate, but the directions should work for both scenarios.

login, and su to root

Generate the Self-Signed Certificate:

change to the necessary directory, and setup a few files for the CA

now generate the key/certificate

setup your certificate as appropriate

set permissions on the cert key

now we need to make sure certificate matching is disabled (unless you are using a full cert)

modify lines 85-88 as follows:

Generate and Self-Sign Certificate

launch the 389-console

open the directory server you were just working on, and click "Manage Certificates"

Servername –> Directory Server –> Manage Certificates

set, and REMEMBER the 1st time password

Under Server Certs, click "Request"

This step, select request manually

fill out the request wizard as follows:

enter a "token password" for the certificate

now save to file


click save, and then done.

now move the CSR to a usable directory within the CA

Authorize the Cert with the CA

 openssl ca -in /etc/pki/CA/crl/test389.domain.local.csr -out /etc/pki/CA/newcerts/test389.domain.local.crt  -keyfile /etc/pki/CA/private/ca-cert.key -cert /etc/pki/CA/certs/ca-cert.crt

you should see the following, if not double-check your steps

Install/Enable Certificate 389 Directory Server

launch the 389-console

Login to Directory Server –> Manage Certificates

The first thing you want to do is install the CA Cert from the CA Cert Tab

hit next

now our CA Cert is installed

now we need to install our Server Cert from the Server Cert Tab


enter the password from earlier when you were creating the CSR

Bam! Installed

Enable Server Encryption

Directory Server –> Encryption


Enable PIN For Directory Service Restarts

389 requires a "pin" or password for the certificate in order to start encryption when the server restarts, here's what we need to do to configure that:

create a PIN File

enter the certificate password into the PIN file

change permissions on the PIN file so only root can read it

now restart the directory service to be sure, if there's an error, the service will not start

That's it! You have configured TLS/SSL On 389 directory Server

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