Configure Kickstart CentOS 6

Configure Kickstart CentOS 6

Kickstart installations save tons of time if you are periodically bringing up new Desktops/Laptops/VMs using a standard install. The quickest way to automate the process is to use a kickstart installer. This basically loads all the settings from a configuration file does as you tell it to.

We are also using the DHCP/TFTP/PXE installation method, so no installation media is needed, just network boot, and install!

First things first, configure your DHCP server, if you do not have one, click here

Append the following options to yoru dhcpd.conf

restart dhcp, as it's a new config

from here we need to setup our TFTP server, if you do not have one already, click here

From here we need to install the syslinux package on the TFTP server

copy the following files to the tftp library


now make a directory for your PXE Menus

make the directory for your listed images

download the CentOS CD/DVD from one of the mirror sites, mount the ISO

copy the initrd.img and vmlinuz to the necessary directory

now we need to create the PXE Menu we are going to see at boot time

start with something simple…

now all we need to do is setup our NFS/Apache/FTP, we are going to use HTTP, however it's really easy to modify for FTP if necessary

from here we need to install/configure apache

create the directory that's going to hold the full ISO image, as well as the kickstart installer file.

download the entire CentOS CD/DVD, mount it, and then cp -R to the /var/www/html/pub directory

copy the installer files to the web directory

make the minimal.cfg kickstart installer, this will cover a minimal install of CentOS

save this as minimal.cfg in the /pub directory of the web server, and you should be good to go!


Try to network boot your PC, all should work if you set it up properly. Make sure that your ks file matches the one on the web server, as well as the pxe menu.


That's it!

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