Why to never fix a computer for free

When you first get into computers, it's important to understand why you should NEVER FIX A COMPUTER FOR FREE.

Here's a few reasons to think about.

1) Legal Reasons –

if for some reason you fix someone's computer for free, you could be held personally liable, for data loss, corruption, and various other reasons that people find to take legal actions against others.

2) Hardware Failure

i heard a story where a college friend fixed somebody's computer for free, when they gave it to him, he determined that it had a bad hard drive. As a result they claimed that he broke it, and if he did not, they would take legal action for not using proper methods for diagnostics. As a result, he had to replace it himself to avoid legal trouble, he lost money on that deal 🙁

3) The will never stop calling

if you fix a computer for free, that also includes support to the customer. Every little, single thing you will be called about, and really hate yourself afterwards. If it breaks again, they will Always expect you to fix it for free. If you have the motherboard die, they will ask if you have any others you could just throw in there, not a good spot to get into.

4) Cheap-skates all have cheap-skate friends

one of the worst things you can have is not only someone who is cheap and will not want to pay for anything, but also he will tell his friends about how great you are, and how you can fix anything. That's almost always a loose-loose-situation.

5) There's no money in it.

if you're not making money, is the stress of it all really worth it? to some it is, and some it isn't. You will run yourself empty in patience, time, and have nothing to show for it.



hope this is helpful to anyone that runs across this, take our advice, we had to figure this out the hard way.