Personal Backup Software

Most users do not know that they need to backup their computers. Although they say things like “do what you want to with it, there’s nothing important” what that really means is that “i have Itunes, and my Quickbooks on there” my life will end without it.

Irregardless, the point is to backup your computer, ALWAYS. Just like putting antivirus on your computer, ALWAYS do it, hard drives are manufactured by man (who are not perfect) so anything that is made by man WILL FAIL at some point, so you have to be ready.


so what are some good software programs that you can use to backup your personal computer (PC) from certain failure.

1) Windows Backup has came a long way.

Windows backups allows even home users to take daily full backups of their software/settings to an external hard drive, network share, or other media.

you can also restore individual files, and is fully integrated with windows.

let’s not even forget that you can bare-metal-restore your entire computer to completely different hardware now, with windows backups. Simply Great, and you can’t beat the price. This feature is Included with Windows 7 and Windows Vista Installations

Total Cost: $0 – totally free


2) If you are not a fan of windows backing up windows software (there are people out there that don’t trust Microsoft for data integrity) you may want to look into a third party solution. Here’s a pretty Decent One, Fbackup

Fbackup is one of those things you can “set it and forget it” you can backup files, directories, your pictures, music, outlook configurations, and much more. restoring is simple, and is really easy to navigate from a end user’s perspective.

3)There is also allway sync

i can never say enough good things about this software, you can backup to an external hard drive, or pretty much any other source. With this software you can schedule jobs, once the original sync, it does comparative analysis and incremental syncs afterwards, and the scheduling options are unbelievably customizable, and you can’t go wrong.


hopefully this helps to make a good decision about backup software, it’s always better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it. To get in touch with a Backup professional, or to rent a Commercial Backup appliance, visit