Acceptable timeframe to restore hosted services

Acceptable timeframe to restore hosted services

having a website or hosted service that is unavailable is extremely frustrating, all you can do is wait, all the calls in the world will not make a difference, when it comes down to it, you are depending on someone to take their sweet time to get your hosting working again.

here's why is different, this is our process if a web service becomes unavailable:

1) service becomes unavailable

2) we investigate the problem

3) attempt basic troubleshooting and try to fix the problem

4) if 15 minutes passes, we move onto phase 2

5) Bare-Metal Restore the entire server to another Physical or Virtual server, and have it completely rebuilt as fast as the network will allow

that's it, that's our process. If we cannot figure out what's wrong within the first 15 minutes, youre server will be restored from a high-precision backup, built from the ground up on a completely different system.

What do other hosting companies do? The answer to that is "we don't know" that's the reason we exist, and that's the reason we want you to host with us.

If you are interested in TRUE 24/7 staff that's completely dedicated to making hosting the best experience possible, visit to get in touch with someone today.